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Paving Width: 3~9.0m

Maximum Paving Thickness: 350mm

Engine Powder: 162kW/2000rpm



Performance parameters


Operating weight (Kg)


Basic paving width (m)


Maximum paving width (m)


Maximum paving thickness (mm)


Maximum productivity (t/h)




Engine model


Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Overall dimensions


Paver 3~9.0m

168 000,00$Цена
  • Power System

    • SRP90S PLUS paver is powered by China-III compliant Deutz BF6M or SDEC SC9D turbocharged diesel engine, featuring low noise and emission, strong power, high reliability and durability, and powerful fuel adaptability.


    Repairs and maintenances

    • The integrally openable engine hood and left and right doors make all repair and maintenance points, including all working pumps, control valves, and filter elements, easily accessible.
    • The centralized lubrication system supplies lubricating grease automatically to bearings of scraper conveyor and spiral distributor.


    Driving/Riding Environment

    • The control console can be laterally slide and vertically adjusted to meet the actual needs of different operators.
    • The left and right seats can be rotated to the outer side of machine body and the streamline cab structure provides a good vision.
    • The large glass fiber reinforced plastic canopy is easily telescopic in both sides to provide a comfortable driving/riding environment.
    • The canopy and the exhaust tail pipe can be lifted and lowered simultaneously by the manually-operated hydraulic pump to improve the maneuverability and comfort of the operator.


    Feeding device

    • The lengthened and widened high-capacity hopper achieves high productivity.
    • The spring-cushioned push roller can remarkably reduce the impact of feeder onto the paver and achieve higher operating quality.


    Conveyance/distribution system

    • Four sets of independent full-hydraulic left and right material conveyance/distribution systems are adopted and the ultrasonic sensing control technology is adopted for the material level control to ensure the uniform material supply in completely proportional manner.
    • The large diameter and large pitch spiral distribution structure features power distribution capability, low distribution speed, and low segregation.
    • The left and right spiral distributors can be driven separately and the ground clearance of distributors is steplessly adjustable to adapt to paving needs of different thicknesses.



    • SRP90S PLUS paver is equipped with hydraulically telescopic and electrically heated screed, with single-tamper and steplessly adjustable frequency.
    • The multi-traveler structure enhances the integral stiffness of screed and the wide wear-resistant baseplate features high operating stability and operating quality.


    Control system

    • Our latest generation paver intelligent operation management system achieves constant-speed paving and automatic changeover among diversified working conditions and incorporates the automatic malfunction diagnostic system to real-time monitor the machine.
    • The intelligent leveling system features high leveling accuracy and strong anti-interference performance.
    • The excellent ergonomic control system features high reliability and maneuverability.
    • The control parts and switches are arranged as per functional logic to achieve simple operations and good human-machine interfaces.
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