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Motor Grader


Engine Power: With132kW/2200

Overall Weight: 15700kg

Width of Shovel: 3660/3965mm




Performance parameters


Operating weight of machine (kg)


Wheelbase (mm)


Wheel tread (mm)


Minimum ground clearance (mm)


Steering angle of front wheels (°)


Articulated steering angle (°)


Maximum traction force (kN)


Turning radius (mm)

7,800 (Outer side of front wheel)

Maximum gradeability (°)


Width of shovel blade (mm)


Height of shovel blade (mm)


Blade slewing angle (º)


Blade cutting angle (º)


Maximum digging depth of blade (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)




Engine model





Mechanical direct injection

Rated power/rated speed (kw/rpm)


Drive system


Torque converter

Single-stage single-phase three-element


Countershaft power shift


Six forward and three reverse

Motor Grader 15.5T

90 600,00$Цена
  • Power System

    • It's powered by Dongfeng Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C180 China-II compliant inline, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled, and turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, featuring compact structure, stable performances, and high efficiency and energy-saving.
    • The high torque reserve enables the machine to output stable power under severe working conditions and meet your working needs.


    Driving/Riding Environment

    • The high-grade full-sealed luxury cab with full visual field and the high-efficiency shock-absorbing seat maximize the operating comfort.
    • The cab and the main frame are connected by shock absorber to ensure the operating safety and reliability.


    Working adaptability

    • With 6 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, the electro-hydraulically controlled power shift transmission can select the optimal gear based on the working road condition to realize the best match between traveling and operation.
    • The integral three-segment drive axle is built internally with imported no-spin automatic limited slip differential to guarantee stable and reliable drive.
    • The balance box is capable of 15° angular swing in vertical direction and the heavy-duty roller chain drive guarantees better terrain adaptability of the machine. It can meet the normal operations under special road conditions, featuring stable power output and strong drive force.


    Operating performance

    • It features the highest traction force among the domestic motor graders of like type and the highest operating efficiency among the domestic products of like type.
    • The external gear working device of proprietary technology features high drive torque and strong resistance against external force impact.
    • The blade of larger angular adjustment range (37°-83°) improves the material control capability and remarkably promotes the operating efficiency of motor grader, especially during the handling of dry material and clay.
    • With full-load scraping capability in 2nd forward gear, the motor grader can remarkably promote the production efficiency compared with domestic products of like type.
    • With high resistance against external force impact, the link type swing frame is applicable for the working conditions with high operating volume and severe operating environment.


    Easy maintenances

    • The hydraulic pin puller cylinder can complete the operations of swing frame by merely one operator to eliminate all potential safety hazards and ease user’s operations.
    • The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of mature products.
    • The electric harnesses adopt seamless corrugated pipes and deconcentrators for branching, featuring high protection grade.
    • The maintenance-free battery installed on the rear of the machine features high power capacity.
    • The core electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability.
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