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Wheel Loader


Operating Weight: 21500kg

Bucket Capacity: 3.5m³

Power/Speed: 178kw/2200rpm



Performance parameters


Operating weight (Kg)


Maximum dumping height (mm)

3325 (Standard boom)3450 (Extended boom)

Dumping reach (mm)

1270 (Standard boom)1275 (Extended boom)

Maximum breakout force (kN)


Total cycle time (s)




Engine model


Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Overall dimensions


Overall dimensions of machine (mm)


Driving performance


Forward speed (km/h)

Planetary type: F10-12F20-38 Electronic control type: F10-7F20-12F30-25F40-38

Reversing speed (km/h)

Planetary type: R0-17 Electronic control type: R10-7R20-12R30-25

Chassis System


Wheelbase (mm)


Tank capacity


Fuel tank (L)


Working device


Rated bucket capacity (m³)


Rated loading capacity (t)



Loader 6T

  • Power System

    • Weichai electronically controlled engine conforms to the China-III non-road machinery emission regulation, featuring high intelligence and efficiency, high parts interchangeability, and low maintenance cost.
    • The machine is provided with three power modes, namely no-load, medium-load, and heavy-load modes, at choice depending on the actual working load to realize the reasonable match among power, efficiency, and energy consumption.


    Drive system

    • The Hangzhou Advance 6t special planetary transmission + torque converter or ZF200 transmission + torque converter is applied to realize more reasonable match and faster response.
    • The KD gear, 1st gear, and 2nd gear of the electronic control transmission are shifted automatically to ensure simple and flexible operations.


    Driving/Riding Environment

    • The new generation cab with all-new design optimization and large door structure is mold formed to guarantee broader vision and more fashionable appearance.
    • All-new cushioned seat with large adjustment range provides the driver with the most comfortable operating posture.
    • The locations of joysticks, pedals, and seat are reasonably arranged to achieve higher operating comfort. The standard pilot control system features handy and comfortable operations.
    • The standard radio and audio provides more abundant personalized driving/riding experience and guarantees the comfortable and safe driving/riding environment.


    Structural parts

    • All-new heavy-load frame and working device with enhancement design achieve more reasonable force application and meet the needs of continuous, heavy-load, and severe working conditions.
    • The bucket in arc structure design reduces the material penetration resistance. The spill plates are designed on the top to effectively prevent the falloff of material and prolong the lives of rear hinge pins.
    • With 3,400mm wheelbase, the machine guarantees high tipping load and good stability.
    • The new boom features excellent adaptability, with the dumping height reaching 3,325mm.    


    Convenient maintenances

    • The hoods, cab, ladder, and handrails of the machine are optimized and upgraded to realize powerful human-machine interaction and easy maintenances.
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