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Shelf Straight Seam Welding Equipment


This model is suitable for welding the beams which requirements to welding three lines of each end . The six welders operate simultaneously to complete the work at once,it is high efficiency.We adopte the high-quality components, the machine has a very long life.

Welding Equipment

  • More than 30 different types of welding exist, and they range from simple oxy-fuel to high-tech processes such as laser beam welding. However, only four welding types are used commonly, and they are MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux- Cored arc welding.

    • MIG Welders.
    • TIG Welders.
    • Stick Welders.
    • Engine Drives.
    • Multi-Process Welders.
    • Multi-Operator Welders.
    • Spot Welders.
    • Submerged Arc Welders.
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