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Single Drum Road Roller


Overall Weight: 30000kg

Engine Power: 132kw/1800rpm

Compacting Width: 2750mm




Performance parameters


Operating weight (Kg)


Exciting force (KN)


Vibration frequency (Hz)


Nominal amplitude (mm)


Ground pressure (KPa)


Gradeability (%)




Engine model


Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Overall dimensions


Overall dimensions of machine (mm)


Driving performance


Forward speed (km/h)

F1:0-8, F2:0-18

Reversing speed (km/h)

R1:0-8, R2:0-18

Chassis System


Wheelbase (mm)


Tank capacity


Fuel tank (L)


Working device


Compacting widthmm



Road Roller 30T

  • High operating comfort

    • The downward exhaust design and the optimized heat dissipation air ducts reduce the radiation of engine compartment temperature towards the cab.
    • The double control mode is designed strictly as per ergonomic principles and the functional buttons are centralized to ease the access.
    • The octahedral cab provides a broad vision.


    High maintenance convenience

    • The centralized oil drainage system eases the maintenances of engine, transmission, radiator, fuel tank, and hydraulic oil tank.
    • All body parts are designed with service hatches and uplifting covers to ease the maintenances and repairs of parts.
    • The centralized lubrication system for the rear wheels eases the centralized maintenances of the rear wheels.


    Working performance

    • The high-strength three-point swing M frame for front wheels guarantees the uniform compacting on rugged ground.
    • The special tires for construction machinery feature good wear resistance and long life.
    • The hydraulic torque converter and power shift transmission with automatic stepless speed regulation are applied to achieve automatic adaptability and stable compacting drive of the road roller.


    Operating cost

    •  The proprietary match technology can achieve high operating efficiency and reasonable fuel economy.
    • The configuration of brand core parts achieves high quality and reliability and reduces the malfunction downtime.
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