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Asphalt Milling Machine


Engine Power: With160kW/2200 rpm

Overall Weight: 14500kg

Milling Width: 1000mm




Performance parameters


Operating weight (Kg)


Transport weight(Kg)


Maximum milling width (mm)


Maximum milling depth (mm)




Engine model


Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm)


Overall dimensions


Overall dimensions of machine (mm)


Driving performance


Traveling speed (km/h)


Working speed (m/min)


Conveyor System


Width of conveyor belt (mm)


Swing angle of conveyer (Rightward/leftward) (°)


Tank capacity


Fuel tank (L)


Working device


Number of milling cutters (Piece)




Road Milling Machine 160KW

  • Drive system

    • SDEC electronically controlled engine conforms to the China-III non-road machinery emission regulation, featuring high intelligence and efficiency, high parts universality, and low maintenance cost.
    • The energy-saving technologies, including automatic idling of engine, are utilized to realize better fuel economy, low emission load, and high working efficiency for the whole machine.
    • The milling drum is driven by mechanical belt and the drive belt is hydraulically tensioned, featuring high drive efficiency, effectively mitigated operating impact, and stable and reliable power transmission.


    Milling rotor assembly

    • The side plates on two sides are hydraulically lifted.
    • The optional economic and finish milling drums are offered to meet diversified operation requirements.
    • The water shortage and block warning functions of the water system effectively guarantee the cooling and dust suppression and prolong the life of milling cutter.


    Traveling system

    • The traveling system adopts full-hydraulic four-wheel drive to achieve powerful gradeability and drive onto and from the flat-bed transport vehicle by self-propelling more safely.
    • The working pressure of traveling system is >375bar, featuring powerful traction capability.
    • The traveling system incorporates the forced distribution function to effectively prevent slip.
    • The traveling speed is up to 8km/h.
    • The right rear column is capable of 180º rotation for curb operations.


    Easy maintenances

    • The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui’s mature products.
    • The large opening design for engine hood and side doors provides a spacious room for maintenances.
    • The core electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability.
    • The external fuel/oil filter and grease nozzles are installed in hanging manner to ease the maintenances and replacement.


    High intelligence

    • The CAN bus digital network control mode is applied to effectively guarantee the automatic control and protection for all motions of the machine.
    • The installed human-machine interfaces can centrally display the digital working parameters of the machine.
    • The malfunction self-diagnostic information and the warning and prompt information realize safer and more efficient operations of the machine.
    • The advanced electro-hydraulic proportional control technology is applied and the automatic leveling system can be installed to realize the accurate control of milling depth and clearly advantageous milling performance.
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