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Single Ridge Double Rows Motor Vibration Potato Planter


2CM-2C Potato Planter Feature:

After long time close cooperation with customers, we produce this type of potato machine is a reasonable seeding machine, which can meet modern agriculture’s requirement, and make the combination of low cost and high efficiency come true. With time pass by, this machine’s every index and agricultural techniques requirement are better than manpower. For this type of machine, you can choose rotary ridging or disc ridging. You can also choose with our without drip irrigation pipe and plastic film mulching devices.

2CM-2C Potato Planter Advantage:

This machine adopts Hongzhu’s latest patented technology, latest potato seeding rotary ridging device, which can make ridge higher, and make soil finer. 2CM-2C seeding machine is suitable for potato tuber, can be adapted to any kind of soil, and can meet every agriculture’s requirement. Seed depth, line width, row space all are adjustable.Ditching, fertilizing, seeding, ridging, spraying herbicide, putting granule vermifuge, mulching plastic film. This type of machine has advantages of compact structure, better mobility, reasonable layout, stable working performance, simple maintain.

This machine adopt the most advanced electronic vibration seeding system, which can make precise rate higher, efficiency faster, labor cost lower, seeding emergency orderliness, moisture and kept, yield higher and earlier. Using 2CM-2C can make more 0.4-0.5 hectare one day.



Matching Power

18.4-25.7KW(roller tractor)





Ridge and row

One ridge with two rows

Line space


Seeding space


Production rate


Seed depth


Seed box capacity


Manure box capacity


Film width with


Manure requirement


Potato Planter Machine

    • High efficiency
    • Low cost
    • Electronic motor vibration seeding device
    • Precision seeding performance
    • Disc ridging, No pile solid
    • Rotary ridging or disc ridging optional
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