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1.Finished products requirements:

1) Suitable materials: PP materials

2) Specifications of the sheet:

Width of the sheet: 1550mm

Thickness of the sheet: 3-25mm
3) The output capacity: 400-500kg/h
4) Production line dimension: 33m/3m/ 3m
5) Theory total installation power: approx: 390KW (Actual: 525KW)

2. Production specifications:

1) Power source: AC380/400V 50/60Hz 3P+E (according to customer’ requirement)

2) Compressed Air: 0.4--0.6Mpa.G (DP≤10°C)

3) Cooling water: 15°C--30°C 0.2—0.3Mpa 4) Installation place: indoor (0°C—60°C)
5) Paint color: based on blue and french grey

3. Equipment list

1) Extruder:
ZSSJ 150/33 vented type single screw extruder:

2) Mesh changer:
Mesh changer for ZSSJ 150/33, column type:

3) Coat hanger mould
4) Three-roller calender:
5) Calender roller temperature controller 6) Cooling bracket:
7) First Hauling machine:
8) Edge Trimming Device:
9) Second Hauling machine:
10) Cutting machine

Cutter for thin sheet

Cutter for thick sheet
11) Auto stacker for the finished product 12) Electronic control cabinet:


Extrusion Line for Polypropylene (PP) Sheet

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