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VMC640 Chinese vertical cnc mini machining center

Machining Center

  • A machining center is a contemporary aspect and sometimes the synonym of a CNC machine tool.

    As the contemporary industry requires enhanced precision referring to advancing technology, machine tools have been derived into more complex and diverse contemporary systems so that the capability and the efficiency of machine tools can be improved. Now those machine tools are called machining centers.

    The capability and efficiency of a machining center usually depends on the kinematics, structural dynamics, computer-numerical-control (CNC) system and machining processes. For example, CNC is now one of the inevitable factors that have integrated into machine tools so that the work-piece could be either machined or formed in a more precise way by the use of algorithms via computers. Likewise, the processes of the machine tools have advanced in terms of the kinematics i.e. gantry type milling machines having five degree of freedom can be manufactured now.Therefore, correspondingly the mechanics of the machine tool itself is also getting a more important factor on the precision of the work as well.

    Considering a single spindle, a machining center can machine a part up to 5 simultaneous axes (Degree of Freedom, abbreviated as DoF) depending on the design specs of the machine.

    CNC machining centers are supposed to have the characteristics denoted below:

    • High static and dynamic stiffness
    • High dynamic properties of feed drives
    • High precision (low chatter/ vibration)
    • Low path deflection
    • Enhanced robustness of Tool Center Point (TCP)
    • Enhanced interaction between mechanics and the control system software
    • A user friendly control panel interface to direct the machining processes.
    • Depending on the specs of the customer, automatic tool change system (ATC), cooling system, coolant types, types of linear guides to perform linear motion, etc.
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